Women and Orgasm – How Myth Can Become Reality

Posted by Jessica Rabbit on Tuesday, September 8th, 2015 at 5:28 am

Believe it or not, one out of three females never experience orgasms. This is based on sexual studies done with thousands of women worldwide and serves as a chilling sexual fact that needs to be addressed soon, lest we see more women living unhappy sex lives for the rest of their days. Sex is a basic instinct we humans possess, it is an inherent need programmed deep within our system and a need that has to be fulfilled. Ideally, sex and orgasm should come together, but such is not the case for millions of women who suffer from the age-old predicament of not reaching sexual climax. We have included a summary of facts about orgasms so you may know what this highly elusive sensation is about.

Orgasm, what is it?

Orgasm is a highly pleasurable physical reflex usually experienced through sexual acts or intercourse. It is the resulting sensation after the body and the muscles start to relax after intense sexual arousal. When a person is aroused the body’s adrenalin surges and tenses the muscles throughout the body in anticipation of what’s about to come, a stage commonly known as excitement. The excitement intensifies as blood rushes to the genitals, tensing the muscles and fibers that make it up. Orgasm which comes afterward reverses the tensing process as it works to relax all the muscles affected by intense arousal. This is signaled by the ejaculation of body fluids and the muscles going limp.

Orgasm, how does it feel like?

Everyone is unique and even the orgasmic experience can be unique to each individual. Common orgasm experiences include changes in breathing patterns, a feeling of warmth especially on the areas of the head, sweating, vibrations or spasms, the uncontrollable need to either shout or moan, an altered state of consciousness and a feeling of deep relief and satisfaction. The endorphins released into the body through your bloodstream during climax gives the person an intense feeling of happiness and contentment.

Orgasm, what if I don’t cum?

As mentioned earlier, one in three women never experience orgasms which mean you are not alone. Surprisingly, this predicament is more common in younger women, perhaps due to the fact that they are only starting to explore their bodies through sexual relationships, and they still are not familiar with what they need to do to reach climax. Knowing what turns you on the most and learning where your pleasure zones are is a good way to discover what can make you come.

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