Sextoys online is a guy thing

Posted by Jessica Rabbit on Tuesday, September 8th, 2015 at 5:32 am

Online shopping is like miracle to women — and most people will agree. However, with the advent of sextoys online, guys are now getting their items online. Aside from the convenience, the confidentiality is much valued.

Erick, a small convenient store owner, almost has his basic needs readily available in his shop. But there are items which even he can’t get  from his store. Although he sells condoms, he has nothing more to offer other than that. Not even lubricants are not available.

Good thing that adult stores are popular now and one of Erick’s favorite is this JessicaRabbit sextoys online store.

His first online purchase was a fleshlight male masturbator. As the website description puts it, “This Fleshlight style male masturbator is exactly the same as the original fleshlight but at a fraction of the price. The fleshlight has is made from a super soft and squishy material that is better than the real thing! The insert is ribbed to provide extra stipulation to the penis. Sex will never be the same again once you have tried the Fleshlight masturbator. It’s so much more stimulating and so much tighter it will lift you to new orgasmic heights. The suction cup on the end can be adjusted to make a vacuum to give a sucking action if you wish. This also acts as a cup for the aftermath! Simply rinse the masturbator with water after use. You should also use a good quality sex toys bacterial cleaner to make sure you new toys lasts. We recommend System Jo. This masturbator will provide the ultimate solo session.

This indeed became Erick’s favorite purchase from JessicaRabbit sextoys online store.

Now who says that online shopping is only for women? It is a guy thing too!

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