Sex Toys and Women – Perfect Combination!

Posted by Jessica Rabbit on Tuesday, September 8th, 2015 at 5:30 am

Some theories suggest that sex toys were primarily designed and invented to please women. Some may call this an assumption but the fact remains that the earliest representations of sex toys were fashioned out in the form of a penis, which may have led some sexist researchers to the conclusion that these were designed for women. We too are inclined to believe these suggestions for we know that in the world we live in today millions of women around the world suffer from anorgasmia, the fancy term for not experiencing orgasms, which may also have been the case with some women in our ancient past. The spark of human creativity helped our ancestors to figure out something that will address this predicament, fashion out dildos from stones or bones. Orgasm problems in women may have driven our early ancestors to invent the earliest versions of sex toys which as we can see from human history seemed more important than inventing language, which came at a much later date.

These phallus shaped sex toys have been around long before humans learned how to speak and the earliest example has been dated to about 28,000 years! Found in a cave in Germany, the fine phallic specimen (pun intended) was made of stone. This find triggered a raging debate as to why cavemen made these phallic objects, some say it may have been for worship or religious rituals and some with even wilder imaginations like us say these were made for personal pleasure. Remember, the two basic instincts of humans are food and SEX, the latter being associated with orgasm, so why else would our early ancestors carve dildos out of stone?

Today, more than ten percent of the female population suffer from anorgasmia , the inability to experience orgasm. This condition is prevalent among women and has been a bane to their existence for probably thousands of years. The failure to achieve orgasm is one of the hardest things women bear emotionally, as the need to experience orgasmic pleasure is supposed to balance their physical and mental health. When women experience orgasms large amounts of oxytocin hormones are released. The lack of this hormone in women’s bodies enhances their stress levels, obesity risk and may affect psychotic behavior. Oxytocin release is needed to help regulate hormone levels in women to achieve a well-balanced physical being.

That being said, women of today have much better options than their ancient ancestors. There are sexual appliances or pleasure aids now available that may help them achieve the elusive orgasm they deserve. Sex toys have come a long way since the days of it being carved out of stone, the adult toys that we have today offer way better performance and are guaranteed to bring sexual satisfaction and orgasmic release.

Sex toys and women are the perfect combination, these toys never tire out as humans do and keeps going until you reach orgasmic ecstasy. You can now buy sex toys online through some of the best adult specialty shops in the world. Visit our gallery for more information on what type of sex toys may address your pleasure needs. We have a wide range of sex toys to choose from, all guaranteed to satisfy and bring immense orgasmic pleasure so you too can live a happier and healthier life!

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