Kinklab Mandible Body Clamps

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Silver Bondage Clamps Walk the fine line between pain and pleasure more precisely with the Mandible Body Clamp set Based on vintage surgical clamps from 1909 these unique clamps adjust with screws making them more adjustable from light to tight than the traditional Japanese Clover clamps they resemble as well as tweezer and other spring style clamps Use them on nipples tongues or other sensitive body parts Always start gently and increase pressure gradually when playing with body clamps Stop when clamps stay on by themselves move or shift clamps to a new location after a few minutes Gap between tips adjusts from 1 16 to 0 16cm 1 27cm wide turn the knobs closest to the clamps anticlockwise to tighten them Rubbery PVC prong tips are safe for latex allergies and may be removed for extra intense sensations Clamps and chain are of chrome plated brass clamps measure 2 5cm long by 1 2 5cm wide when fully closed chain 18 45 7cm long

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