10 Speeds Remote Control Vibrating Underwear, LCD Screen control

Posted by admin on Thursday, July 31st, 2014 at 9:51 am

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You and your partner will love all the naughty fun you will get with our 10 Speeds Remote Control Vibrating Underwear that comes with a wireless LCD Screen control panel so it’s just so easy to use and comes with 10 orgasmic speeds that will give you a thrill. Slip the g-string under your panties and position the bullet so it’s just where you want it and turn it on… Great for just around the house while the kids are out or even out and about, even in the car while your driving home from work, but be careful while you’re on the road because this little baby sends good and very distracting vibrations. Maybe that would be illegal, though I have never read anything in the road rules about wearing vibrating panties.. I would like to see the look on the cops face if you were to be pulled over. Maybe you would be so horny he would be the one in trouble

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