10 Function Remote Car Controller Style Vibrating Egg

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This Egg is not the ordinary type. You will never see an egg as powerful and as this one. Hot. Stylish. And Versatile. This 10 Function Remote Car Controller Style Vibrating Egg will work on most of your erogenous zones—your clitoris, nipples, anal hole and of course your vagina! Select from the 10 different functions this Vibrating Egg gives and get sensual. Use this alone or with a partner, orgasm is almost always guaranteed.

With its stylish design, this product appears like a remote car controller so it is so light to carry. IT fits on your bag thus you can use this anytime, anywhere you want. You can secretly wear the egg under your panties and let the remote control send signals to it and make it work for you. Nobody will notice. Have it while working or even in a meeting. Enjoy sexual satisfaction secretly at the touch of your fingertips.

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