Similar but Different… In a very Kinky Way.

If you haven’t experienced the Magic Wand, you’re probably thinking something along the lines of Um, hello, I already know how to use a vibrator. Well, the Wand is a little different — in that it’s got a startling amount of supercharged horsepower in its tennis-ball-sized head.

Actually Using It

Pure. Insanity. All the orgasms! It can be a little too good if you like to slowly work up to your orgasms, but that’s what other toys are for. If you are pressed for time and want something that will deliver, this is it.
On the other hand, it was nice to experiment. Move a little bit up, down, pair it with fingers, and you have a whole different experience.

A Little Advice from a Very Adventurous Individual

It’s my humble opinion that the Magic Wand’s reputation as “the Cadillac of Vibrators” is extremely well-deserved, and if you’ve ever had trouble achieving orgasms or you just want BETTER orgasms, either solo or with a partner, you should definitely check it out. We have a variety of wands to choose from and we guarantee that finding the right one is easy. Added bonus: if your shoulders get sore from holding it, hey presto, you’ve also got one hell of a personal massager.

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