A size of a penis is one of the major concerned of every man in the world. Men want to have a bigger size, because of the logic; a bigger penis gives more pleasure. Whether it’s true or not, men biggest concern is to satisfy their partner. Penis sleeve, also known as cock sleeve is a sex accessory only for men; it used to further the size of their manhood by acting it as a penis extension. To remove a man’s doubt and insecurity, this one is for you. The sleeves are specifically design to increase the penis’ width and length. They have different textures; some are even realistic that a girl can’t tell and can’t even feel the difference. But it all provides one thing, a maximum pleasure to their partner. Some penis sleeves are designed with a combination of mini vibrator; this is to stimulate the clitoris. This will result to a gratifying experience to your partner. Penis Sleeve gives lots of advantage and gives instant outcome. For a man who would use this, pleasure and sensation will still be felt, because the material which its made from imitates the feeling of a real vagina. The inside of the penis sleeves also feels like a real skin on your penis, it’s stays in place that allows you to explore all different sexual positions. That’s why it’s not a hindrance to your performance if you use this. Instead, it will add the thrill; increase the passion that allows you to give your partner the best orgasms she’ll ever have.

Incredible in size and in performance

If you dream on having a bigger penis, in an instant then Penis sleeves are for you. It’s perfect for men who always want to be the best man in giving their partner the amazing orgasm. A penis sleeve makes a male penis larger and makes a greater penetration. This sex toy creates additional passion to a couple’s romantic life. In Jessica Rabbit, we offer the best options of this incredible sex toy. Two of the best are the Cock Booster and Cyber Skin. These are penis sleeves that fit all sizes; it can instantly add size on your manhood up to 4 inches. It stays in place, so you don’t need to worry about losing it during the wild action. It gives you the feeling of a real skin, with every sensation that you give to your partner, she may not distinguish if its from the penis sleeve or from a real penis. With the additional size of a man’s penis, surely it will give an incredible pleasure not only for a woman, but for as man as well. Man will gain more confidence once they reach their desired penis length, and once they feel the confidence of being the man they want to be, woman should be ready for a steamy hot sexual activity.

Penis Sleeve is good for you

For those men who are thinking of alternatives to help them have a larger penis, better try a penis sleeve. It’s the most recommended, much safer to use and most important, it gives an instant result. It provides extra pleasure with sexual stimulation to your partner. The wearer will boost their confidence because they will able to give the desire of their partner. If their partner insists much bigger penis, it’s not a problem anymore. Penis sleeves offer all the size a man wants. Different in sizes but all gives the same pleasure; all gives the same feeling of a real skin. Use it for extreme pleasure without trying too hard. Always be ready, you can never tell when you’ll get a one hot and sexy act. Choose in Jessica Rabbit now!

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