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Be wet for maximum pleasure

Lubes and lotions create additional sensation during your sexual act. They are considered to be the ultimate and very reliable erotic accessory because of its fantastic ability. Lube or better known as lubricant, are designed to reduce the resistance of the genital area during the sexual intercourse. It’s also very useful to be applied on sex toys that you’ll insert into the vagina or anus for pleasure. Woman who uses lubricant made sex feel very comfortable and enjoyable. It’s will also be easy for men to penetrate their partner and to continue pleasuring her without worrying that he might hurt her if her own water lube dried out. This is better for couples who want to have unlimited sex for the whole night, because they can try out different style to maximize their sex act. This can also be use if you are masturbating, helps you to become slippery, to easily glide your hand around your private area. Another important part is that, it’s great for those who don’t have the ability to self-lubricate, the problem is solve easily and can fully enjoy all the passion and intimacy that sex brings. For many people, if you are nervous about using a lubricant or a lotion for the first time, better try what Jessica Rabbit offers. We have different kinds of lubes and lotions. Whatever you prefer. All are guaranteed of safety, so you don’t need to worry and sacrifice what sex can bring into you.

To stimulate more sensation, choose yours

Be clever in choosing your lubricant. Don’t just pick one and use it. In Jessica Rabbit, we give you varieties of lubricant that can help you set the mood. Fulfill your fantasies in an instant. If you want to have a little warming effect, warming lubricant is good for you. It will give you the thickness and smoothness that can sustain the pleasure with additional warmth sensation that enhances intimacy. It sets you in the mood instantly once in contact and is ideal for spontaneous passion. Gentle-based lubricant, its super-duper slippery lubes that stay wet for a long period of time. It quickly prepares you for instant passion and relieves the discomfort of vaginal dryness during sexual intercourse. Cooling lubricant gives the same benefits of a regular lubricant but upgraded with cooling tingling sensation. This cool feeling will surely bring an exhilarating thrill onto your body. If you and your partner need an additional excitement but game for more erotic act, better try a lubricant which is edible and has flavors. It will surely boost the stint for more oral actions. This makes a wonderful way to enjoy each other orally. So whatever you feel like having, it will only go down into one and that is to give different sensation while giving intense pleasure.

Slide your pleasure to the top!

Our body has the ability to produce natural lubricants once aroused and generate it through our sexual organ. If a person is having a hard time producing the liquid, or easily dries out during the sexual intercourse, then they tend to use personal lubricant. In using this, the choice should be very important. Be keen in choosing the right lubricant for you. Because it will help you set the mood and increase your intimacy. Once you’re in the mood, you’ll be able to do things correctly without letting each other’s down. You’ll both have the sensation without feeling pain. You’ll both enjoy what sex and pleasure is all about. Personal lubricants are great to use for all kinds of sexual act. They are proven to be safe and effective. You can even use it even during your masturbation when you’re alone and exploring things on your own. Use it with your favorite sex toy, the effect is still the same. Once you are lubricated, you’ll become more sensitive that even a single soft touch will give you a tingling sensation; it gives you an instant result and is good to be use for an instant romance. Keep in mind that a truly exciting and satisfying sexual enjoyment will only be attained if there is appropriate and sufficient lubrication is applied. This will amaze you and you’ll surely wish to never do it without any lotion or lube again. Be a scout! And have a lube or lotion at hand anytime and anywhere.

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