Jessica Rabbit cares about your Health

Your health is one major concern of Jessica Rabbit adult online store. We advise that all adult toys must be washed and cleaned after using. Adult toy cleaner and toy sanitizers are available from Jessica Rabbit. Cleaning your toys regularly will make them last longer. Also, cleaning your toys will protect you from getting infection, disease or any toxic material.

Keep your toys hygienic

Keeping your adult toys germ-free is necessary. That is why toy cleaners, sanitizers and disinfectant must come in handy in your bedroom. Keep them in your drawer for easy access after every sensual action. Browse our vast collection and get the best one that suits your needs. For those who like it tasty, there are the sugar-free glycerine wipes. They are flavoured and lip-smacking too.
Aside from cleaning your toys, Jessica Rabbit collection also includes a female spray that sanitizes your private area. They are designed and formulated by women because they fully understand every woman’s need.

Play safe and be worry free while having fun

Having fun should also be safe. One must be safe from infection or other unpleasant result as a consequence of using unsanitized toys. Keep your adult toys clean and safe by using trusted sanitizer and toy cleaner. We have them all at Jessica Rabbit adult online. We want to keep you clean for you and your partner’s sexual well-being and personal hygiene. Cleaning should never be burden, and it should not be a hard task to do. With your anti-bacterial wipes and sprays, getting your toys ready for storage or next use is easy. It will only take you a few seconds to clean your much loved, and much enjoyed toys.

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