Realistic Dolls for men and women to satisfy your fantasies

Jessica Rabbit online shop offers a wide range of adult toys that will make your fantasies and fetishes come true. These include dolls, not your regular doll, but sex dolls. Realistic sex dolls with all the assets you want an open mouth, and holes tight, shaved or hairy, pussy hole or anal hole. Some are even with vibrators for that intense feeling. Male dolls, on the other hand, boast of the realistic size of their cocks. These dolls are great for solo satisfaction, with your partner, and even in parties. Browse through our collection and choose the best doll for you, in fact, you have them all too! You can find them all here at Jessica Rabbit.

Choose your preference at Jessica Rabbit vast collection of busty and tight dolls

Different types of sex dolls are available at Jessica Rabbit. Blonde, brunette, nurse dolls, chubby, skinny, busty, tight, hairy, shaved – name it, we have them in our collection. We believe that different persons have different preferences, that is why we filled out stocks with different flavours. Placing your order guarantees your confidentiality and when we deliver, you can be assured that it will be very discreet. No one will know that you have sexy doll bedmate in your room! Some dolls even come with three holes, so you can have a choice which hole to enter every time. And for those creative and adventurous, they can play in groups and fill each of the three holes at once. That will be exciting.

Male love dolls with life size tools

Male love dolls are also becoming popular nowadays. They are used not only for love making or for sexual satisfaction but also as fun attraction in parties! These male love dolls enjoy parties. Take them to bachelorette parties, birthdays, group sessions even camping. Just take these male dolls almost anywhere. They are inflatable but they have real life size tools. Take these dolls and fell their manhood and you will feel how realistic they are. Some male dolls are attached with vibrating dongs. Now you can imagine how much pleasure it can give if you ride on one of them. Let them tease you until they penetrate your innermost, and giving you extraordinary satisfaction. Get them now at Jessica Rabbit online store.

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