My Summer with sextoys online

Posted by Jessica Rabbit on Tuesday, September 8th, 2015 at 5:31 am

I have always been secretive to everyone even to my best friend. I usually go malling alone, I love to watch movie by myself, and even go strolling the park without a companion. But I do not consider myself a loner or anti-social because I love chatting with my online best friend.

One day, we decided to meetup and we agreed to spend some bonding time in her pad. I got mixed emotions–excited, nervous and a certain feeling of fear. It is my first time to meet with someone I met online. Although we have been online chatmates for almost a year, this summer is different because we will be seeing each other face to face.

The time came and we met a convenient store. The casuals hi and hello, then we went on our way to her place. we never talked much along the way. There was lots of dead air and the monotonous silence will be broken with our burst of laughter.

She led me into her room then she told me that she have to get something snacks from a nearby fastfood. I was left there and got curious to her room. To my surprise, she got lots of adult toys displayed on the shelves adjacent her bed covered with light pink sheets. Even if I am not sex toys user I can identify the dildos and vibrators sitting on the top most level. They are so inviting that I was tempted to touch them.

Upon inspection, I noticed that each of them were labeled as to which who gave them or from which she brought them from. One prominent label is JessicaRabbit sextoys online. She seems to be a patron I told myself. Because aside from the dildo and vibes, her lubricant, hand cuffs, nipple clamps and even massage oil has JessicaRabbit labels.

My chatmate has been gone for almost 20 minutes already when I sensed my pussy getting wet. I was aroused by the thought of her using those toys. I can imagine this crystal vibrator sliding in and out of her wet shaved pussy while she pinch and pull on her pointed nipples. I can almost hear her moans. Slowly I reached into my panties and slipped my hand inside. As I play with my clit, the bedroom door swung open and I got nothing to hide from my chatmate. She caught me red handed.

She just smiled and told me, so this is what you want to do this summer? Then let’s make this happen and fun. We hit the bed and grab on to two dildos.

Now you know what we did that summer.

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