A Woman’s Guide to Good Vibrations

Posted by Jessica Rabbit on Tuesday, September 8th, 2015 at 5:27 am

Sex toys can be a woman’s best friend if she knows how to use it properly. Let’s face it, more than seventy percent of women fail to experience orgasms during sex for a host of reasons, but the biggest factor is premature ejaculation among men and sometimes the inability of some males (actually a lot of them!) to continue having sex after the first round.

This is a fact most women live with each day and you can just imagine how many of them are disappointed for not experiencing proper orgasms right at this very moment. This is the primary reason why sex toys were invented (the first sex toy was a dildo meant for use by a woman) and the reason why every woman should have one, ready to please her when needed. But the question remains, especially for first time sex toy users, what is the best sex toy to have which guarantees a good orgasmic experience? This is in fact a tricky question as we all know that everyone is unique and may have differences when it comes to sexual preferences and needs, and what may work for one may not work for the other. So we did an extensive research and asked women online what can be considered as the best sex toy for women, and the unanimous answer is VIBRATORS, followed closely by DILDOS. This result came from more than ninety percent of women surveyed who have had the pleasure of owning one or more of these sex appliances. This is also not so surprising for people like us who are in the business of providing adult specialty toys as vibrators and dildos remain as the best selling sex toys to date.

How to use Vibrators

Vibrators come in different packages but not most will come with an instruction manual, perhaps because some manufacturers think this small sex appliance is self explanatory and there’s no need for a manual. Well it really is a simple toy that only needs to have ample battery power to operate, but still, if you have never tried using one how are you supposed to know for sure? So just in case you need help figuring out how to use it we came up with a few helpful tips for first time users. Consider it a guide to good vibrations!

Know how your Vibrator works

After taking it out of the package try to switch it on and see if it works, most will be delivered with enough battery power to make the toy run so you’d be sure it came in good condition. Push the buttons and see what it does, also try to figure out the speed settings for these will be useful when you start playing with it. Remember, vibrators have very simple mechanisms so it won’t be hard to figure everything out.

Go in your room and try it out

After you’re done with the initial tests mentioned above and after making sure you’ve cleaned your vibrator, use it. Make sure you are alone in your room so there won’t be any distractions, this will allow you to discover the best zones to stimulate with the vibrations. Spend some time learning the best way to use it on your body.

Try using it on your whole body

There is no need to rush. Try to feel the vibrations in your arms, legs, your boobs and nipples then slowly work your way down to your clit and pussy. Take a mental note on where your toy works best.

We are pretty sure in a short period of time you will agree that sex toys are indeed a woman’s best friend! Enjoy the experience!

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