Pjur Superhero

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Delay Spray for Men – 20 ml Spray For all those keen to make their sexual enjoyment last longer pjur superhero spray is our intimacy spray developed specially for men The finely attuned ingredients of pjur superhero spray ensure longer enjoyment and can prevent premature ejaculation without lidocaine or benzocaine This refreshing spray enhances smoothness while its special ingredients reduce oversensitivity on the penis A secret tip for products in the stimulation series pjur superhero spray is one of the top selling pjur products worldwide Delay spray for men Reduces oversensitivity on the penis Lidocaine and benzocaine free Application 2 to 4 sprays per application will suffice Spray the product first on your forearm to test for any incompatibility Do not use in case of an allergic reaction Do not spray on open wounds Try this spray in combination with pjur superhero glide the water based lubricant with the natural ingredient ginkgo for more strength and staying power


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