Fetish Fantasy Extreme Ball Stretcher

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Male Restraint Experience the most extreme climaxes with the Fetish Fantasy Extreme Ball Stretcher Simply snap the heavy duty parachute cuff around your balls then add up to four ounces of force that is evenly distributed by three metal chains Beginners and enthusiasts alike can easily attain their desired pull with these easy screw on metal weights Typically as one reaches orgasm the scrotum pulls the testicles into the body By stretching and resisting this pull with the Ball Stretcher your body tries even harder to retract making you cum harder than ever before Guys love the feeling of their sack hanging lower and swinging more than ever before Choose a weight that s right for you and increase the pull as you go The three metal weights screw on for ease of use allowing you to control the amount of pull on your testes Start with one weight and work your way up gradually Once your nuts are hanging low you ll be ready for maximum pleasure


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