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Door Swing Swing your partner into every naughty position possible. The Door Swing has fully adjustable straps so it can be adjusted to any height for extra comfort. Try new & challenging sex positions with ease. Designed to hold up to 300 pounds Stirrups and love handles let you change angles and positions quickly Portable and easy to hide swing allows for discreet use It’s a perfect alternative to a full-fledged sex swing Set up’s quick and simple – just throw the supports over a door and close it. . Fits any door Portable sex swing made from metal, nylon and acrylic With the door swing you’ll be able to try and enjoy new and challenging and fun positions that used to be completely beyond your wildest dreams. The door swing provides all the support and flexibility you need, so you don’t have to be a contortionist to use it. The door swing features adjustable stirrups to change positions and angles for additional pleasures. There are also two love handles that your lover can use while trying some of the more vigorous and athletic positions. The door sex swing is easy to hide and incredibly portable. You can stow it away in your luggage for fun on the go or just hide it in your room under the bed to keep the kids from finding it. It can be set up or taken down in seconds so you never have to worry about getting caught out! It’s amazingly simple and quick to set up. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to set up the door swing. Pick a door with enough space to the sides and position the swing away from the door knob so doesn’t poke your lover in the back. Next, take the two metal bars and throw them over the top of a convenient door. And then simply close the door. The metal bars will lock in place between the closed door and the frame for a safe and secure fit. Give the straps a pull to take up the tension to make sure everything’s in place, and you’re ready for a night of wild sex! The door sex swing is made from metal clips and fasteners, nylon straps, and acrylic. The swing can safely support up to 300 pounds with the door securely closed.


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